Maria Iciar

Our Clinic

Our clinic is designed to assist you with the greatest comfort, without architectural barriers.

The space is sufficient to have a sterilization centre, storage and three cabinets, in which we can treat both adults and children. 

We have the most advanced technology in order to carrying out the most accurate diagnosis and treatment with the greatest precision and safety.

Sterilisation room

We use an integrated and complete sterilisation protocol: Collection, cleaning and disinfection area. Area for bagging and sealing. Sterilisation area. Storage and distribution area.

Intraoral scanner

We obtain an image and a model of your mouth without using trays with pastes

Digital radiography

Enables higher resolution and lower radiation X-ray images


We have a three-dimensional image of your tooth and/or jawbone which helps us in the diagnosis and treatment planning, especially in the planning of surgeries and implant placement

Dental microscope

Magnifies the image viewed thus helps us to make diagnosis and treatment more accurate and confident.

Florida Probe Periodontal Probe

Enables the diagnosis and monitoring of periodontal treatment.

Digital Surgical Planning.DTX

It allows us to design and carry out treatments by using digital flow, computer design and sutureless implant placement.

Bleaching Lamp

We are also concerned about aesthetics, that's why we use the whitening lamp that is the best supported by scientific literature.
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