Maria Iciar

Our priority is to maintain your oral health throughout your life


With children, we place special emphasis on prevention. Health education is fundamental at all ages, but even more so in childhood. We carry out various preventive treatments: application of topical fluoride, sealing of fissures and any other treatment that is necessary to keep the oral cavity of our children and adolescents in good health. We are part of the PADI (Programa de Asistencia Dental Infantil) staff.


In many cases the discrepancy between the size of the jaws and the teeth or the position of the teeth in the arch requires orthodontic treatment for both children and adolescents, as well as adults, in order to achieve aesthetics and adequate function. The techniques we use after having carried out the study are the most appropriate for each specific case: interceptive, fixed, removable or invisible.

Periodontal health

At all stages of life it is necessary to correctly maintain the gum, the tissues that surround the tooth, and periodontal health is extremely important. For this reason, in all check-ups we evaluate its condition and carry out preventive treatment, cleanings, tartrectomy or therapeutic treatment, scaling, smoothing and periodontal surgery as required.

Conservative dentistry

The preservation of teeth is one of our objectives. We treat lesions caused by caries with the most appropriate procedure in each case, obturation, root canal treatment, inlay, crown, always giving priority to prevention and correct maintenance.


Aesthetics is fundamental nowadays, which is why we are trained to carry out all types of aesthetic treatment, being minimally invasive like whitening, veneers, using the most suitable materials in each case, composites, ceramics.


There are complex situations in which either because the patient is a bruxist, has worn down their teeth, has lost several teeth or for various other reasons, a complete rehabilitation is required.

Dental Implants and Prostheses

In cases where one or more teeth have been lost, we replace them by dental implants or fixed or removable prostheses, depending on the case, after studying all the possibilities and sharing with the patient the characteristics of the treatment, advantages and disadvantages.


There are also benign, premalignant and malignant lesions in the mouth as well as manifestations of other diseases. Early diagnosis is essential to maintain health.
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